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Pug standards - is a small and stout dog, square format with well developed muscles. Large head with a very short and wide muzzle planted in a round body. Over the muzzle - thick skin fold, so that the back of the nose is not visible at all. But the greatest charm attached pug eyes, or rather his enormous eyes. They are large, prominent, like cherries, very dark, shiny and ... "talking". Then they lit a spark playful devil, the languid sadness eastern slave. Ears are soft and velvety to the touch. The skin on his head in deep wrinkles and folds that look like gyrus. The neck is short and powerful. Topline not long. Head to the body should look as much as possible cast. Tail highly planted and screwed tight, preferably two rings.More information on citronella spray collar can be found at this website.


mopsThere are different versions of the origin of pugs one of the oldest breeds.The ancient Indians have repeatedly mentioned in many literary works of small dogs with short muzzle, especially in the epic "Mahabharata".However, most likely, the breed has its origin in China, as well as the Pekingese. In early Chinese manuscripts referred to "square, low dog with short snout". In China, there were dogs, called "Ha Pa" and "Luo Jie."These two species were very similar and differ mainly only in the length of wool. "Ha Pa" were long-haired. Mopsopodobnye "Luo Jie" - like the Pekingese, but had short hair. (Trend towards shortening the muzzle, change the bite, short-legged, etc. independently may manifest itself in different breeds of dogs as a result of inbreeding. When domestication such symptoms may appear in a variety of animal species. Moreover, the shortening of the snout and short-legged observed in fossil cave bears - in the literature seriously discussed the possibility of their domestication primitive people. But most likely, it is also a consequence of degeneration as a result of inbreeding.

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